It's Your Choice

Riders new to this site will quickly notice something important - there are no maps, no descriptions, and few route recommendations that entail riding anything other than a US Route or state highway. The reason for this omission has everything to do with modern technology and the motives we voice when purchasing and riding a touring motorcycle. We want to enjoy a great road trip.

Sure, the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System is a great tool for commerce and zooming from here to there. The 21st century GPS devices can give a reliable routing between the two spots without a problem. But motorcycle touring isn't about the quickest trip between two coordinates - it's about slowing down to enjoy a mountain vista or catching a glimpse of sunlight bouncing off a stream that wanders by the roadside. It's difficult to find adventure when negotiating a grid pattern of lats and longs.

Help Build A Useful Highway Guide

I'm obviously committed to providing some reliable travel data to other riders that want to have a great ride, but what about YOU?

It is impossible for one rider to create and maintain a highway guide that covers the entire United States and Canada. Before the advent of online efforts there were a few really good books that focused on specific regions or highways,

The Road Ahead

(February 15, 2014) - In October I will mark my 50th year of motorcycle riding. Hundreds of thousands of miles after my first ride I'm just as excited to let out the clutch and begin a ride today as I was then. Of course, the priorities have changed a bit. Back then the excitement was all about learning to be cool as I moved from the pedals of my Schwinn to the foot pegs of a three speed Hercules with a small Sachs motor. Today it's all about finding a good reason to smile as I become a senior citizen with all of the associated privileges, honors, medical problems, and excess time available to me every day.

Mike Durkin, aboard his Honda ST1100, has created a really nice seven part series about the Lincoln Highway in his home state of Pennsylvania. It's a good look at the route as it is today, and what it was 'In The Day'.

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