Look For The Catalog Icon !

I am a fair writer, especially when it comes to describing things that I want to share with others. BUT I know that I will never be able to catch every little detail that is important to a rider that wants to drool over a motorcycle trying to carve a trail through the mountains. That's what video is for. Now, if you want to see some video just look for the video player and specifically the catalog icon on that player.

A few weeks ago I was wandering through You Tube, looking for old movies to watch, and I realized there must be thousands of video clips posted by other riders that show the sections of road I am describing here. I did some research and also realized that I could link to those clips without violating the copyright of the poster. Ding, ding! The thought process continued and the result is extensive use of the catalog button.

It's Your Choice

Riders new to this site will quickly notice something important - there are no maps, no descriptions, and few route recommendations that entail riding anything other than a US Route or state highway. The reason for this omission has everything to do with modern technology and the motives we voice when purchasing and riding a touring motorcycle. We want to enjoy a great road trip.

Sure, the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System is a great tool for commerce and zooming from here to there. The 21st century GPS devices can give a reliable routing between the two spots without a problem. But motorcycle touring isn't about the quickest trip between two coordinates - it's about slowing down to enjoy a mountain vista or catching a glimpse of sunlight bouncing off a stream that wanders by the roadside. It's difficult to find adventure when negotiating a grid pattern of lats and longs.

Help Build A Useful Highway Guide

I'm obviously committed to providing some reliable travel data to other riders that want to have a great ride, but what about YOU?

It is impossible for one rider to create and maintain a highway guide that covers the entire United States and Canada. Before the advent of online efforts there were a few really good books that focused on specific regions or highways,

The Road Ahead

(February 15, 2014) - In October I will mark my 50th year of motorcycle riding. Hundreds of thousands of miles after my first ride I'm just as excited to let out the clutch and begin a ride today as I was then. Of course, the priorities have changed a bit. Back then the excitement was all about learning to be cool as I moved from the pedals of my Schwinn to the foot pegs of a three speed Hercules with a small Sachs motor. Today it's all about finding a good reason to smile as I become a senior citizen with all of the associated privileges, honors, medical problems, and excess time available to me every day.

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