Do YOU Have a Video to Share?

Roads And Riders can host your ride video!

As small Hi Def video cameras become more and more popular, producing a ride video is almost an expected part of every great two wheel adventure. Rather than let your cinematic talents get lost on YouTube®, why not upload them here so they may be cataloged for easy retrieval by others interested in the same routes you documented?

Our goal is to enhance the available information on US Routes and State Highways with collections of video that can show much better than any of us can write exactly what the roadway is like and what can be seen from the saddle. Like the written articles, we don't expect an Oscar quality performance. In fact, presenting a video might be much easier for you to produce and you don't have to worry about grammar, spelling and punctuation.

It's Your Choice

Riders new to this site will quickly notice something important - there are no maps, no descriptions, and few route recommendations that entail riding anything other than a US Route or state highway. The reason for this omission has everything to do with modern technology and the motives we voice when purchasing and riding a touring motorcycle. We want to enjoy a great road trip.

Sure, the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System is a great tool for commerce and zooming from here to there. The 21st century GPS devices can give a reliable routing between the two spots without a problem. But motorcycle touring isn't about the quickest trip between two coordinates - it's about slowing down to enjoy a mountain vista or catching a glimpse of sunlight bouncing off a stream that wanders by the roadside. It's difficult to find adventure when negotiating a grid pattern of lats and longs.

Help Build A Useful Highway Guide

I'm obviously committed to providing some reliable travel data to other riders that want to have a great ride, but what about YOU?


It is impossible for one rider to create and maintain a highway guide that covers the entire United States and Canada. Before the advent of online efforts there were a few really good books that focused on specific regions or highways,

Roads - Just a Place To Start


I'm old enough to remember when planning a great vacation tour took a few weeks. The first step was to narrow down the wish list of destinations to three or four areas. Step two was mailing off to state tourism departments to get maps and booklets. After a couple of weeks the materials were all in hand and step three could start, matching the dreams found in those booklets to the available budget.