Randolph Co All Veterans Memorial

Worth St, County Courthouse Plaza
Asheboro, Randolph County, North Carolina

"They stood in the unbroken line of Patriots who lived to bear their country's arms. They died to save its honor and keep aglow the flaming torch of freedom"

"To you who answered your country's call and served in its armed forces - heartfelt thanks from a grateful state"

In a word, this presentation is ambitious. It lists every known Randolph Veteran and Casualty of the modern era. Two ranks of engraved granite slabs form a semi-circular plaza. Behind the ranks are the flag standards and various additional markers are scattered around the approaches to the plaza area.

There is a message for each Veteran here, and for the families of each soldier or sailor that did not return. It's clear this county expresses profound gratitude for service and sacrifice. It's also appropriate to mention that this memorial properly recognizes the losses of all military services, including the United States Coast Guard and US Merchant Marine. It's certain the families of Jack Foust, who wore the Coast Guard shield in World War I, and Merchant Mariner Mac Bryan, who was aboard the first US vessel sunk during WW II, appreciate that. The details of Foust's death are unknown, but Bryan was serving as third engineer aboard the SS City of Rayville when it struck a German mine off the coast of Australia on November 8, 1940. Technically, it makes this Randleman resident one of the first US casualties of World War II.

All of the counties service organizations are recognized by post number and an engraved granite bench honors the Randolph County Honor Guard and its' Commander, Gene Allred. Another bench honors the site designer and chief promoter of the memorial project; Frank T Rose, who was State Commander of the American Legion in 1991 and 1992. The memorial was constructed and dedicated in 1995.

Unfortunately, the stones of the rear ranks that list the serving Veterans are placed in such a manner that it is very difficult to get a decent photograph. The names, listing more than three thousand Randolph citizens, should be shown here - as they are on the plaza. But this may be one of those situations where the limitations of this virtual homage to fellow Veterans falls short. The only recommendation is that you visit this impressive memorial yourself and observe how well Randolph County remembers the service of neighbors and friends.

Randolph Chapter UDC Memorial

Worth St, County Courthouse Plaza
Asheboro, Randolph County, North Carolina

"Erected 1911 under the auspices of
the Randolph Chapter U.D.C."
"Lest We Forget"
"Our Confederate Heroes"

This is a picturesque setting, in front of a classic early 20th century courthouse. The soldier atop the pedestal is completely outfitted, with his foot resting on his knapsack and bedroll. A listing of local Companies mustered for the 22nd NC Regiment is found on one tablet, but surprisingly the UDC chapter number is not found.

The 22nd North Carolina fought in many significant battles during the War of The Rebellion. A complete history can be found within the website of a group historians and recreators named The 22nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment