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The publisher is very aware of the 4th Amendment and also understands The Constitution of The United States of America does not specifically define "privacy" and the associated terms generally thought to protect individuals and groups from unwarranted intrusion into your personal affairs. Other than the data required that enables the content management system to move users through the site, nothing is taken from your browser, or your computer, that will indicate who you are. IP address ARE logged and archived for a short time in order to allow the tracking and avoidance of hackers and spammers. No data is shared with others unless it is provided to law enforcement agencies providing an appropriate warrant. This site does NOT use a third party advertising system, so you are reasonably assured that nothing is collected pertaining to your browser experience. However, some third party devices such as geo mapping might collect browser history and meta data. I suggest you configure your browser to delete "Cookes" upon browser close. Protect yourself, I do what I can - but YOU are the ultimate firewall against unwarranted intrusion into your computer and your private data.


Terms of Usage: is a privately owned site created for the purpose of providing information and entertainment to touring motorcycle riders. Users may be granted various levels of access to the information held and to the features and devices of the content management system. The Publisher reserves the right to block or deny access to any individual or group for any reason. Users taking part in forum boards should be aware that their comments may be viewed by others that do not share their opinions or perspective. The Publisher may, at his discretion, remove or edit content with appropriate notice or deny further access to any User at any time. The Publisher is not responsible for any real or perceived financial or physical loss to any User that employs information contained herein. Data is collected from many sources and that source material may be incorrect, outdated, or somehow misleading. Publisher believes all data to be correct when created and inserted, but will not be held responsible for incorrect or misleading materials.

Although content posted to the site by Users technically becomes the digital property of the Publisher, the Publisher has no desire to capture that materials for re-distribution or promotional use for any reason other than to provide blanket copyright protection for the posting User. Publisher agrees to request consent from the User if the posted content is considered for further commercial needs.

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Some content available from the site, such as YouTube videos, are not produced by the Publisher or his associates. Most often that content is not even held on this site, but is available for viewing through the site through various software routines. The Publisher provides the ability to view simply as a catalog or index of informational materials. The links to these materials may be removed or altered upon reasonable demand, but the Publisher is in no way responsible for that content, nor can he provide any method or solution to remove or alter that content at its point of origin or host site.