Another Backyard! Brunswick, MD (July 10, 2011) - Tenting in a back yard tends to get me up and running early for a number of reasons. The largest is the desire not to intrude upon family routines of my hosts, espcially on Sunday mornings. With that in mind my gear was packed aboard and the Honda underway by 6:30 AM. The plan was to hit the last seven counties of West Virginia by early evening and spend the night with some new friends in Brunswick, Maryland.

My first planned stop was just 14 miles up the road at Kingwood, the county seat of Preston County.

Two Virginia's ?

Monterey, VA July 11, 2011 - My host, Gene Hollar, was very generous with his time this morning. He delayed his normal departure for work in order to escort me to a memorial just a few blocks from his home in Brunwick. It's always a great feeling to bag another marker first thing in the morning - it almost guarantees I'll have a very successful day. Thanks again, Gene!

Ranger I ran down to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park to pick up a National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass. Veterans Affairs has classified me as disabled so I qualify for free access to national parks and reduced rates at most federal campgrounds. It's a welcome benefit that I've pretty much ignored, but there are so many federal camping areas along my routes that I would be foolish to not include them in my plans.

Reflecting Upon 9,000 Miles

Reflections In Marble

Gold Hill, NC (05/15/2008) - Art and I are back in Gold Hill for a few days. I'm still trying to find the best way to regiment my daily routine in a way that allows enough time to ride, rest, and write. The most likely reason for my difficulty in keeping up is that we've been plagued by rain and heavy weather for most of the month. Fatigue sets in very early when riding through rain most of the day. We try to stay as safe as possible, but sometimes nature takes her own way and we find ourselves on the short end of the stick. On those days a good nights rest seems much more important than coding up a few pages of HTML.

Staying Productive

Gold Hill, NC (04/11/2008) -I’ve now been back home from the first leg of Ride Around America for a full day. There is just so much to do that didn’t get done while we were riding that I have to pause and ask myself, "Why?" I invested in a decent laptop computer that actually has more computing power than my old desktop. I allowed plenty of time each evening to sit and compose, edit photos, and generally organize myself. So, why do I find myself at the end of fourteen days on the road with three weeks of work?

Oh, Canada ! Visiting With Cousins

Sault Ste Marie, MI (June 13, 2008) - I spent a few days in Canada this week, crossing Friday afternoon at Port Huron. I was prepared to endure the third degree to enter Canada, but I was pleasantly surprised that the exchange between me and the customs agent involved only three questions; where was I born, what was the purpose of my trip, and how long would I be in the country?

On The Road Again !

Cherokee, NC (04/30/2008) - This has been a special day. Art and I loaded up and left Gold Hill westbound along US-70 about 11:30 this morning. Two hours later were are in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains and the big wide grin is beginning to appear on our faces. By 4:30 in the afternoon we have gained the southbound side of the Blue Ridge Parkway at Asheville and there is no doubt about that grin - each of us look like Chip and Dale as our heads swivel left and right from one great scenic view to another. We scurry and scamper from one sharp curve to another and that grin is creasing our cheeks. Oh, this is so much fun!