Another Backyard! Brunswick, MD (July 10, 2011) - Tenting in a back yard tends to get me up and running early for a number of reasons. The largest is the desire not to intrude upon family routines of my hosts, espcially on Sunday mornings. With that in mind my gear was packed aboard and the Honda underway by 6:30 AM. The plan was to hit the last seven counties of West Virginia by early evening and spend the night with some new friends in Brunswick, Maryland.

My first planned stop was just 14 miles up the road at Kingwood, the county seat of Preston County.

Monterey, VA July 11, 2011 - My host, Gene Hollar, was very generous with his time this morning. He delayed his normal departure for work in order to escort me to a memorial just a few blocks from his home in Brunwick. It's always a great feeling to bag another marker first thing in the morning - it almost guarantees I'll have a very successful day. Thanks again, Gene!

Ranger I ran down to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park to pick up a National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass. Veterans Affairs has classified me as disabled so I qualify for free access to national parks and reduced rates at most federal campgrounds. It's a welcome benefit that I've pretty much ignored, but there are so many federal camping areas along my routes that I would be foolish to not include them in my plans.

Fellowsville, WV (July 9, 2011) - One of the things that surprises me is that many other motorcycle riders consider me a long distance rider. I guess the confusion lies in how long distance is defined. I think an LD rider is one that routinely hits that 1,000 mile mark each day and just lives to wear tires off the bike. My average touring day is 300 miles, give or take 150 miles. The variations are usually dependent upon three things; weather, darkness, and distractions along the way.