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A Reminder About Bicycles

September 8, 2013 - While riding along NC-63 the other day I encountered a small group of bicycle riders as they pedaled away from a side road onto the main route. Even though I honked my horn they, without hesitation, pulled out right in front of me and immediately went TWO WIDE.

Peeved that I had to unexpectedly slow from 45 MPH down to less than FIVE ... I voiced my opinion of their lack of courtesy, but nonetheless could not legally split the lane to pass them. I cautiously crossed a double yellow to go around them, aware that I had been placed in jeopardy of a ticket and collision with an oncoming car because of a quirk in the North Carolina vehicle code.

NC - Georgeville (US-601) - Reed Gold Mine

Georgetown, NC - GOLD! No, it was not California, but here in southern North Carolina that the precious metal was first found, and later exploited as a natural resource. For a short period of time, gold mining employed nearly as many people in North Carolina as did farming. The Reed mine was small in comparison to most, yielding only 100 pounds of refined metal during its lifetime. This was the very first gold mine in America and as such was the impetus for many families to migrate and establish their homes in the Tar Heel State. Wander through the local graveyards and look for Cornish or Welsh names and you'll find the family that came here for gold.