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Along US-93

Once designated the most dangerous highway in America, US-93 runs 1,457 miles from Wickenburg, Arizona to the Canadian border just north of Eureka, Montana.

Aside from the congestion in tourist areas, US-93 is one of those spectacular western roads that runs along the mountains and through the canyons that we all drool over. Large wild animals are so numerous that at some points there a "Animal Bridges" for grizzly and black bears. Use Caution!

Wickenburg, AZ to Boulder City, NV

Est 207 miles - 3.1 hours (click here for route map)


Major Crossroads US-60 US-66 US-95



  If you think the the southernmost section of US Route 93 couldn't get more boring you might not be wrong! Much of the route has already been upgraded to Interstate corridor specs and within the next few years it is very likely the US Route designation will fall in favor of Interstate 11. That's the bad news. The good news is that with the upgrade comes an increased legal speed and a lessening of your exposure to high desert temperatures.

It may only be a three hour run, but it's very important to understand the dry desert air will cause problems for any rider that doesn't take precautions and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Once you begin to have the sensation of thirst you are probably already in trouble. Don't assume you can find a place to stop and drink fluid in the next five or ten miles if you don't have something packed with you.

Kingman offers the logical break, almost a halfway point. The mood and appearance of the town lets you drift back a hundred years when it was obvious the only reason to establish the town was as a place to rest for the night. Desert towns of any size, including Las Vegas, all have the atmosphere of a place to escape.

The smaller towns can be a hoot - think of the Spencer Tracey movie "Bad Day at Black Rock" and imagine you are arriving at the whistle stop on the only passenger train that passes each day. Today the locals are friendly and eager to greet a stranger, but it's easy to see that anyone unprepared for desert travel along this route is in trouble. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Boulder City, NV to Rogerson, ID

Est 531 miles - 9.0 hours (click here for route map)


Major Crossroads US-6 US-50 US-95



  Continuing north beyond Boulder City demands riders endure about 50 miles of congested areas, four and six lane traffic along I-15, cars full of mostly naked show girls, casino entrances luring patrons with cheap food and easy slots, and a really big police presence that attempts to deny you ALL of the pleasures that may be found in that one particular car. The ad slogan may be "What happens here stays here", but if you screw up YOU are the one staying here and the things you did wrong will certainly follow you back home in some fashion.

Get away from I-15 at Exit 64 and you find that US 94 now carries the name Great Basin Highway. Peaks at seven to ten thouand feet are easily visible and dual sport riders will find many opportunities to explore offshoot roads, but be aware you are still in a desert area and a breakdown is hard on those not prepared for problems.

At Crystal Springs you have an opportunity to take the road less traveled. Nevada State Route 318 offers the ability to cut a few miles from your overall trip, as it is a straighter road toward Ely, but it's a toss up as to which is more scenic and more fun to ride.

At Lages Station you may elect to take Alt 93 east to Wendover and then back through Oasis to Wells. Again, it's a toss up as to the better choice. Historians and those interested in the lead up to the first atomic bombs will want to take the alternate to learn more about Wendover Field - where the USAAC B-29's squadrons learned how to properly deliver the new weapon without becoming part of the debris field.

Beyond Wells the average speed slows down considerably. That's not only because the elevation is increasing a fair amount, but because the scenic rating is quickly going up the scale to FIVE! From here to the Canada border your neck muscles will be getting a workout as they move your head from left to right and back again as you take in all of the beautiful mountain vistas.

Rogerson, ID to Lolo, MT

Est 407 miles - 7.8 hours (click here for route map)


Major Crossroads US-12 US-26 US-30




Lolo, MT to Roosville, BC

Est 203 miles - 4.0 hours (click here for route map)


Major Crossroads US-2 US-12