Along US-219

US-219 Runs 535 miles from Rich Creek, Virginia to West Seneca, New York. It's a fun route most of the way and offers a maximum amount of scenic as it moves from the New River of Virginia, through the West Virginia mountains, and through Maryland and Pennsylvania before settling into the western part of New York.

No advanced riding skills are needed, but riders that have not experienced riding in mountainous areas need to be aware of the dangers of riding here while it israining. Rock slides are common. Roadway flooding, while less of a problem, can be severe and flash flooding impossible to escape. Always know the area weather forecast before setting out on your riding day.  






Rich Creek, Narrows, and Peterstown

A truly scenic area, especially as running along US-460 as in works by the New River at the intersection with US-219. The roadway at times is a hundred feet or more above the river. Rich Creek and Narrows, on the Virginia side, offer plenty of campground spaces if your are so inclined. Narrows has a great city park right on a the river that is stocked with Trout and a fine place to stop for a mid day rest and picnic.

US-219 is only in Virginia for just over a mile before dropping into West Virgina. The first few miles can be congested, and not very scenic. It's densely populated and the locals tend to be overly protective of the centerline - don't try to carve the corner or you are likely to end your day as a hood ornament for a '68 Ford pickup truck.

Remainder of Monroe County, WV

Eventually you are riding through a relaxing series of curves and gentle hills overlooking creeks, rivers, with dairy farms and horse pastures populating the views. The only town of size is Union, which has a rich history and a nice Confederate Soldiers monument at the north end of town. Several Antebellum homes exist here and more than a few of them have wonderful stories to tell about the 'War of Southern Disobedience.'

An interesting side trip in this area is Organ Cave near the intersection of US-219 and WV-63.











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