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US-411 Runs northest, 314 miles from Leeds, Alabama to Newport, Tennessee. Sometimes the scenery is tedious, but overall the roadway is in good condition, not heavily traveled, and in some parts a very fun ride.  





US-411 / Alabama

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The worst potential traffic problems will occur at the southern end, as it begins in a suburb of Birmingham. The only other large town through which the route actually hits is at Gadsden. Keep careful watch for route signs here, they are easy to miss.  

Riders traveling eastbound on I-20 probably should wait until the exit for US-231 Northbound. The Leeds area surface roads are very congested, especially during AM and PM rush hours. You won't really miss anything important and the mileage added is made up in the travel time saved.  




US-411 / Georgia

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US-411 / Tennessee

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Maryville offers a few convenient places to eat and rest as you pass through.US-411 is known as Broadway Ave in the downtown area. There is a nice greenbelt park area just a block and a half west on N Cusack St,. If you cross to the west side of the waterside area, into Alcoa, you will find a Pizza Hut and "Hot Rods," a 50's themed diner on Hannum St..