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Along US-521

& Est Time:
177 Miles
3.2 Hours
State Map
& Segments:
Link to South Carolina DOT
South Carolina DOT Map
Major Crossroads
Georgetown, South Carolina to the south side of Charlotte, North Carolina is a 177 mile trip along US-521.

Georgetown to Manning

What starts as a four lane road, because of congestion near the ocean, narrows to a two lane road with a rural flavor after crossing SC-41 and continues as a two lane into Manning. It's very likely this will change in the next couple of years (2012) as this is being designated as an evacuation route from the beach to inland areas.

Manning to Camden (45 miles)

The route changes back and forth from two to four lane until reaching Sumter. It's pretty heavily patrolled and congested due to traffic generated by Shaw AFB, and remains four lane until well past Sumter and then reverts back to two lane into Camden.

Camden to Lancaster (38 Miles)

US-521 and US-601 are co-located as a two lane road from Camden to Kershaw, where US-521 diverges slightly to the west as it moves toward the southwest side of Charlotte.

The road can usually be run at, or slightly above, the posted at 55 MPH speed limit. The only impediment is the number of large trucks traveling at just below the posted limit. Any urge to blast by them should be considered carefully, as there are frequently small dips and rises just large enough to hide oncoming traffic - pay attention to the yellow lines.

This is a pleasant ride, with nothing more than a couple of very small villages to distract from a nice rhythm of making miles. Side roads offer little in the way of things to see or fun roadways.

Lancaster to Charlotte (25 miles)

The last section of the route is four lane, congested, and a good indication that Charlotte is turning into a typical representation of urban sprawl. The only diversions along the way are Lansford Canal State Park and Andrew Jackson State Park. At Pineville the James Polk birthplace memorial offers an interesting museum and short respite from the traffic jam that is Charlotte.