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Along US-550

US-550 Is a 305, high altitude, run from Bernalillo, New Mexico to Montrose, Colorado.


& Est Time:
160 Miles
2.8 Hours
State Map
& Segments:
Link to New Mexico DOT
New Mexico DOT Map
Major Crossroads
US-64 US-165

Bernalillo, NM to Aztec, NM















& Est Time:
142 Miles
3.5 Hours
State Map
& Segments:
Link to Colorado DOT
Colorado DOT Map
Major Crossroads
US-50 US-160
KOA Ouray CO

Aztec, NM to Montrose, CO

Durango to Silverton

You are crossing passes at or above the 10,000 foot level and the scenery is just breathtaking, but the road is tricky. If you want to take a photo from something other than a camera mounted to your handlebars or helmet ... STOP! Don't be fiddlin' with the GPS or trying to call on the blue tooth to your best buddy at home to gloat about the neat ride you are on. Many sections of this road doesn't have guard rails, a fall off the roadway is guaranteed to bust a rib or two on each rock you hit on the way down to the bottom. Just enjoy the view and anticipate a stop at Silverton and Ouray.

Silverton is a very small town, only about 600 people live here. The daytime visitors in the summer absolutely overwhelm the locals, who are all employed right here in some shop or another. The big attraction is the daily arrival of the steam train from Durango. It sets off the mountaintop views and all of the old buildings make you believe you really are in the old west, except that you probably can't breath easily because of the elevation. Don't try to run or exercise unless you are prepared for it.

Ouray (pronounced as "you-ray") is much larger and it's possible to lose count of all the restaurants and tourist shops, and an available selection of motels and campgrounds actually exists.

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